PDF Form Fill and Flatten

Create, extract, fill and flatten PDF forms integrated with data sources using UniPDF the most accurate and flexible Pure Go libraries

Flattening Example


Supported, reliable, and speedy libraries for PDF and Office, written in pure Go.

Build the most sophisticated interactive PDF

Create an interactive PDF with different user controls like radio button, push buttons, text boxes, drop down and fill them programmatically using text data and images. Also, use UniPDF to integrate a PDF file with JSON sources seamlessly.

Store PDF file form contents in structured database

Use UniPDF library to extract PDF file contents in key-value pair and process them to save in structured Database. Also allows to extract the PDF contents in JSON format making ready to integrate with various downstream applications.

Flatten PDF to achieve the best archival, printing and sharing experience

Use UniPDF library to Flatten a PDF file programmatically with optimized size. All annotation information is integrated in the page layer of a flatten PDF file which are the best fit for sharing and printing. Flatten files are non-editable and highly secured.

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