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UniPDF is:

  • Secure by design
  • Fastest time to deployment
  • Pure Go PDF and Office libraries

Secure by

Every release of our libraries is automatically tested against known vulnerabilities and do not pass unless everything is remediated. All changes are carefully reviewed by our team.

Fastest time
to deployment

Our SDKs libraries are flexible and developed to solve common problems. We provide high level interfaces for common problem solving and lower level interfaces for less generic tasks.

Pure Go PDF and
Office libraries

UniPDF and UniOffice are all in Pure go meaning you can build your applications easily, cross-compile across platforms and enjoy all the advantages of Golang.


  • Digital Signing
  • Invoice Creation
  • Merge PDF Pages
  • Protect PDF Pages
  • Create PDF Reports
  • Forms Creation
  • Split PDF Pages
  • Rotate PDF Pages
  • Table PDF Reports
  • Fill and Flatten Forms
  • Unlock PDF Pages
  • Extract text from PDF pages

Use Cases

Supported, reliable, and speedy libraries for PDF and Office, written in pure Go.

Digital signing

  • One-stop solution for all digital signature needs
  • Automate workflow using most trust-worthy signature algorithms
  • Create and Validate digital signatures – save time, money and trees

Table PDF reports

  • Generate complex reports in milliseconds
  • Build the most sophisticated interactive PDF
  • Store PDF file form contents in structured database

Invoice creation

  • Create professional invoices in seconds
  • Generate invoices from templates
  • Customize and edit invoices with ease

Merge PDF pages

  • Flatten PDF to achieve the best archival, printing and sharing experience
  • Merge PDF pages with ease and in any order

Protect PDF files

  • Protect report and invoice PDF files with a password
  • Flatten files are non-editable and highly secured

Full examples and API documentation

Try some great plays in our coding playground to experience the seamlessness of the UniPDF product. Or, visit us on GitHub.

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