is a golang library for creating and processing Word / Excel / Powerpoint Office Open XML documents (.docx, .xlsx and .pptx).

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Documents (docx) [Word]
  • Read/Write/Edit
  • Formatting
  • Images
  • Tables
PowerPoint (pptx) [PowerPoint]
  • Creation from templates
  • Textboxes/shapes
Spreadsheets (xlsx) [Excel]
  • Read/Write/Edit
  • Cell formatting including conditional formatting
  • Cell validation (drop down combobox, rules, etc.)
  • Retrieve cell values as formatted by Excel (e.g. retrieve a date or number as displayed in Excel)
  • Formula Evaluation (100+ functions supported currently, more will be added as required)
  • Embedded Images
  • All chart types




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  • Allowed to use in any project
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Unlimited Servers

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  • All licenses are perpetual. Can use the last version one was eligible to forever.
  • One year of updates is included with all packages. A subscription fee of 20% of initial charge is collected annually to maintain access to newer versions.