Source code and binary protection
For go programming

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UniGuard is compatible with CI
UniGuard plugs right into the continuous integration process and can process the source code and obfuscate it before the code gets compiled.
Protection of sensitive data and symbols
That way symbols and other sensitive data is protected, making it harder to reverse engineer.
UniGuard is perfect for binary distribution and Go library vendors
UniGuard is perfect for companies distributing binaries and library vendors.



UniGuard for Golang


UniGuard is a Go source code obfuscator

Use Cases

Protect the intellectual property of your code by keeping the original source private.

Source obfuscation

  • Garble symbol names randomly
  • Strip out tests and comments
  • Compose each package into a single Go file
  • Reduces the size of the release by simplifying code
  • godoc compatible by keeping exported symbol names and comments in-tact.
Robust source code obfuscation for Go (golang)

Binary obfuscation

  • Increase the challenge of decompiling and understanding what your program does.
  • Source code obfuscation leads to binary obfuscation.
Go binary obfuscation via source obfuscation

Obfuscation right into continuous integration

  • Delivered as a single binary that can run anywhere
  • Easy to integrate into a CI workflow such as GitHubb actions
Go Obfuscation in CI

High Quality

  • The obfuscation is used in production on our own large-scale libraries
  • Regularly tested and ensured to work with the newest Go versions
  • Continuously work to optimize the speed for obfuscating large codebases
Robust Go Obfuscation - tested on large codebases

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