We are happy to announce our new metered licensing which has a free tier with free 100 credits per month, perfect for occasional needs and testing.

The metered usage also is particularly helpful for startups where the fee for the Business license can be steep for new companies, while trying to build a business. We are excited to onboard more users and work with the Go community to make document processing powerful and fun in Go.

The same Metered API keys work in all our products: UniPDF, UniOffice and our newly launched UniHTML.

To get started, sign up in our UniCloud portal at: https://cloud.unidoc.io/#/signup

For more detailed instructions on signing up, see our Help Article Signing up for UniCloud.

Once you have created an account. You can make a new API key in: https://cloud.unidoc.io/#/api-keys

UniCloud API Key List

For more detailed instructions on creating the API key, please see our Help Article - How to generate a metered API key.

Then you can check out an example of loading the metered license key, which is really simple, basically just:

err := license.SetMeteredKey(`put your full key here`)
// always remember to check the errors :).

This enables you to do a lot of document processing operations. To get started, you can try any of our examples such as:

PDF file processing with UniPDF

and of course basic things like

and basically anything to do with PDF.

Word, Excel, Powerpoint processing with UniOffice

A few examples to get started

And our UniOffice examples repository has a ton more, for many important use cases.

We are eager to enable powerful document processing with Go. So please don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected] if you have any questions or ideas.