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How UniDoc powers PaperCut's core features

Peter Williams, lead developer of enabling technologies at PaperCut, shared his experience with us on how UniDoc enables Papercut, a print management software, to develop and utilize their product's core features such as:

  • Detecting the number of pages and number of color pages in a document.

  • Converting documents to grayscale.

  • Adding watermarks to documents before printing.


Generating PDF invoices with Go and UniDoc

Creating good-looking PDF invoices from your application tends up to be tedious most of the time. You need to deal with different layouts, design, text-positioning, etc., and that's something most software developers want to avoid.

With Unidoc, a comprehensive Golang PDF Library, you can easily create beautiful PDF invoices from your Go application with only a few lines of code.

The article includes simple and advanced invoice generation examples.


UniDoc v2 Released

Today we are happy to release UniDoc version 2.0.0, a comprehensive open source PDF library for Golang.

In this announcement, we cover some of the key changes with a bit of background how it developed, as well as outlining the main new features and providing references to relevant examples.


Launching UniDoc

Today we are releasing UniDoc version 1.0, a comprehensive open source PDF toolkit written in Go.

At FoxyUtils we have been using various libraries for PDF manipulation over the years and never been completely happy with what we have used. In the last couple of years we have been migrating our code-base to Golang and have completed porting of our existing python code.