Comprehensive Golang PDF Library for the Go Ecosystem

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Free to use when releasing your code as open source under AGPL v3. Commercial license available for closed source products and other code not released under AGPL.


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Our commercial plans include support so you can get help with integrating unidoc into your solution. We can provide examples or bug fixes. See pricing for more details


PaperCut was looking for library for PDF manipulation for our Mobility Print project. We needed powerful features for transforming PDF files, such as changing color, adding watermarks and removing pages. We also didn’t want to spend a lot of time learning a new framework, so we needed code that was easy to use and easy to change. Unidoc fitted our needs perfectly. Above and beyond that, they added significant new features to their library when we asked them. They fixed bugs very fast and we are shipping it in our products.

Peter Williams, Developer @ PaperCut

We needed something lightweight yet powerful to manipulate PDFs. After some research we found Unidoc and emailed them to ask if their software would work for us. I cannot recommend it enough. Support has been amazing, very responsive and professional. The software itself works well and appears to be actively in development, always receiving new features and improvements. Gus provided excellent customer support and helped us move to market quickly.

Marcello, VP Engineering @ helloMD

As a top ELM provider we handle lots of document operations per second. We needed a fast and simple library to help us create and transform PDF documents for matters of compliance, electronic signature and reporting. Unidoc proved to be the most complete and developer-friendly library for Go out there.

Rodrigo Aliste-Prieto, CPO, Webdox Legal